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Name:Similar kester 60/40 solder bar
Name:Similar Kester 60/40 solder bar
Form:Solder bar, Bar solder
Application:Wave soldering

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Product Description

Similar kester 60/40 solder bar

What is kester 60/40 solder bar?

The kester 60/40 solder bar is a type of bar solder that is made with 60% of tin and 40% of lead, cast into a bar form, without pre-fluxed. The 60/40 solder bar is a bright slivery look, and has a long shelf life. In XF Solder we have exactly the same alloy and quality like the kester solder bar.

What is kester 60/40 solder bar majorly used for?

The 60/40 solder bar is majorly used for wave soldering of mass electronic manufacturing, dip soldering for small projects, soldering of copper sheets installation etc. It's a must to use external flux to carry out soldering when using the 60/40 solder bar, because the bar solder is not fluxed.

The 60/40 solder bar can meet most medium to high end project's requirement and it's one of the most widely used solder alloy besides 63/37 solder bar and 40/60 solder bar

Contact us if you need to purchase the kester 60/40 solder bar in bulk, we have the same alloy at comepetitive price and good quality.

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