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Name:60/40 solder bars
Name:60/40 solder bars
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Solder bars

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Product Description

60/40 solder bars

Descriptions of 60/40 solder bars

The 60/40 solder bars are a type of solder that are cast into bar form, and composed of tin & lead with high purity, the content of tin and lead in the solder bar is respectively 60% and 40% by weight. It's a commonly used solder bar alloy and have long exsistence in the market.

What are the 60/40 solder bars used for?

The 60/40 solder bars have vast applications. In most laymen's minds that 60/40 solders are only used for soldering electrics, yes it is one of the main applications but not the only one. We will list them one by one:

60/40 solder bars for electronic soldering. This application as we discussed, is the main appliations of solders, the solder bars will be melted in the solder bath and used for dip soldering or wave soldering. The electronic components needs to be fluxed before it's soaked or contacted to the solders. And dross on the surface of solder bath must be removed in order to make a proper soldering. Solder bars being in this way can greatly improve the production capacity of electronic components and reduce manufacturing cost, if comparing to the manual soldering using solder wires.

60/40 solder bars for wave soldering

60/40 solder bars for soldering of metal roofings, flashing etc. Such use of solder bars might not that commonly seen in Asian countries but it's quite normally seen in Europe, North America. The 60/40 solder bars are suitable to solder copper, galvanized metals, lead, steel, but not recommended for soldering aluminium as it will leaves mark on the aluminium. Take using 60/40 solder bars for copper roofing for instance, the seaming systemn completed with copper sheets might not be water-tight or the joint is too big, using a proper amount of 60/40 solders to apply onto the joints with solder iron will be a good option to handle the joint. An aggressive flux such acid natural flux would be used for such cases, as the tarnished surface of copper must be well cleaned before solder is applied on.

60/40 solder bars for roofing

60/40 solder bars for soldering stained glass. Stainless glass generally is assembly with came made of lead or copper. And solder bar 60/40 will be used to solder the this frame by solder iron. 

60/40 solder bars for stained glass

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