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Name:60/40 electrical solder
Name:60/40 electrical solder
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Wire solder, bar solder
Application:Electrical soldering

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Product Description

60/40 electrical solder

What is 60/40 electrical solder?

The 60/40 electrical solder is a lead containing solder alloy, made of 60% tin and 40% lead. It's one of the most widely used electrical solder alloy besides the 63/37 electrical solder and 40/60 electrical solder. It has slightly higher melting point comparing to 63/37, at around 190C, it's suitable to be used for soldering some electrical components which are temperature sensitive. For most of the electrical solder purpose, the 60/40 solder can fully meet the most of the general soldering, as it has good electrical conductivity, shearing strength and bonding strength but with reasonable cost.

What forms of 60/40 electrical solder are available?

Type one: the 60/40 electrical solder can be made into solder wire, either with rosin flux core or solid core without flux. If you choose 60/40 electrical solder wire with rosin flux core, there's no need to apply external flux and can directly use it for soldering, very handy and easy. And the rosin based flux core, is no clean core, meaning after soldering, there's no need to remove the residue because there's only very little, transparent, non corrosive residue remains. If you choose a 60/40 electrical solder wire with solid core, then you need to prepare the flux in separete.

Type two: It can be made into 60/40 electrical solder bar. The type one solder wire is used for manual soldering, but the solder bar is used for dip soldering or wave soldering which is a bulk soldering technology. This 60/40 electrical solder is suitable for most of electronic or electrical soldering purpose, but due to it's tin lead alloy, it's no recommended to used for soldering devices of cooling system because of the lack of elongation.

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