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Name:60/40 alloy solder
Name:60/40 alloy solder
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Wire solder, bar solder

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Product Description

60/40 alloy solder

What is 60/40 alloy solder?

The 60/40 alloy solder is a leaded tin based solder, consisted of 60% tin by weight and remaining 40% of lead. The solder alloy can be made into either solder wires or bar solders as per client's request. 

What are the 60/40 alloy solder used for?

  1. The 60/40 alloy solder wire, is generally used for manual soldering of electronic components, such as circut boards etc. Also it's used for automatic soldering done by solder robots. Besides being uesd for soldering electronic, the 60/40 alloy solder wire is frequently being used for plumbing to join copper pipes and fittings. The difference is, if it's used for electronic soldering, it has to be rosin flux core which is a neutral flux; But if using for soldering plumbing, it has to be acid core, because only with acid flux the joint of oxidized surface of copper pipe and fitting will be well removed and cleaned. If you mistakenly use a acid core 60/40 alloy solder for electric purpose it could be a disaster, because the acid flux and the residue would corrod the solder joint and the electrical componenets. 

  2. The 60/40 alloy solder bar, is used for dip soldering or wave soldering of electronic components. The bar solder will be melted in the solder bath and allows a massive soldering of a whole PCB or THT at one time. And another application of 60/40 alloy solder bar, is that it can be used to install or repair the metal roofing, gutters, flashing, drainage pipes etc. It's used to seal up the gap between two metal sheets.

Why should we choose 60/40 alloy solder?

We choose this alloy of solder, one reason is it's economic comparing to the lead free solders;another reason is it has really good soldering property such as low melting point, good fluidity, good electrical conductivity, also tin lead alloy can be more resistant to the halogen inside the flux.

If you're looking to purchase 60/40 alloy solder in bulk, contact our sales team. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 ; Main website: www.xfsolder.com


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