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    China bar solder supplier

    China bar solder supplier

    We will disscuss on what a China bar solder supplier does and how to find a proper supplier.

    What does a China bar solder supplier do?

    A bar solder supplier can either just be a supplier (namely trading) or a bar solder manufacturer (factory). In China nowadays it's very common to see that a supplier has his own factory and also doing trading by itself. In the early days of China open up, due to limited talents of English speaking and limited people know how to do international trade, so at that time most of the exportation is done by trading company (most are government owned), same thing happened in the China bar solder business. But nowadays, with more and more young people learnt English and international trade, it's very convenient and easy for factories themselves to find sales person to handle their own exportation, and again same thing happens on the bar solder business too. Like us, we XF Solder has our own production facities to produce bar solders and wire solder, and we also do domestic sales and exportation by ourselves.

    How can we find a China bar solder supplier?

    1. Through exhibition. There are so many fairs in China such as Canton fair or some electronic fairs in Hongkong, where China bar solder supplier will participate in, you can atten this fair, have face-to-face talk to the supplier. It's much effecient to find a bar solder supplier in this way. 

    2. By internet. It's easy that you try to go through google or yahoo search to find a right supplier, or you can directly access to B2B marketplace such as Made-in-China etc. But due to you never meet the real people, so we suggest that you can check from below aspects: if you have friend or other supplier in China, ask for their help to verify the potential supplier; if you don't have, then ask your potential bar solder supplier to provide you company registration certificate, factory photo, case reference, or you can even video chat with them to verify if they're true bar solder supplier.

    If you need bar solder, please consider us XF Solder to be your supplier in China. Our contact information, Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, main website: www.xfsolder.com 

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