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Name:China bar solder 60/40
Name:China bar solder 60/40
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

China bar solder 60/40

China Bar solder 60/40 represents that the bar solder is a tin & lead alloy, with 60% tin and 40% lead. It can also be written as Bar solder Sn60Pb40. This bar solder 60/40 has very similar property to the alloy 63/37, it's almost close to the eutectic melting temperature. A very good quality bar solder for soldering purpose.

Properties of China bar solder 60/40:

  1. Melting point: 183 to 191℃, very close to eutectic temperature 183℃. And working temperature is 240 to 270℃ which is considered as a low working temperature too. 

  2. Bright and firm solder joint. As the bar solder 60/40 contains 60% of tin, this is a high percentage of tin, thus the apperance of the solder joint is bright silvery color, and the solder joint is firm and durable. 

  3. Flexible to consider the solder quantity. This solder is in bar form which weighs about 0.5 to 1kg each piece, so it's easy for you to control how much quantity you want to add into your solder pot.

What is China bar solder 60/40 used for?

This China bar solder 60/40 can be used for electronic compoenent soldering, also it can be made into stick form to be used for joining of metals such as reparing of gutters or flashing etc.

China bar solder 60/40

How to use the China bar solder 60/40?

Generally bar solder will be used in the way of hot dip soldering or wave soldering, where the bar solders will be put into solder pot to be melted down and in liquid shape, and the THT components will be partly soaked into the solder bar to get a massive soldering at one time, simple and quick.

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