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    solder bar manufacturing process

    Solder bar manufacturing process

    Solder bar is being used for electronic component soldering through wave soldering or being used for soldering metals such as flashing, roofing, gutters etc. It's common to see the finished products of solder bars in the market, how very few people have the chance to know what the solder bars are manufactured.

    In XF Solder factory we have solder bar manufacturing process as below:

    Step 1: We melt and mix the different metals as per the right formula depending on what composition of solder bar client needs. There're SAC305 lead free solder bar, SAC0307 lead free solder bar, SAC07 lead free solder bar; also there are various of tin/lead solder bar, such as solder bar 63/37, solder bar 60/40, solder bar 50/50, solder bar 40/60 and even down to solder bar 5/95. So we add the right composition of different metal ingots into our melting pot.

    Step 2: Keep stiring the liquidus mixed metal, and add necessary additives such as anti-oxidant additives. Make sure the different metals are well mixed together. During the solder bar manufacturing process, we need to keep stiring the melting pot for 10 minutes clockwise, and then another 10 minutes anti-clockwise, and keep doing this by turn until different metals well mixted together.

    Step 3: QC will get samples out of the pot and test the composition, if the composition is not correct, then we will need to adjust the composition by adding more metals into it.

    Step 4: Pour the liquidus solder into casting dies. This is a simple process of the solder bar manufacturing. Just make sure you pour the right amount of solder into the dies, and then let them cool down to solid.

    Step 5: Get the solid solder bar out of the dies.

    Step 6: Packing the solder bars into cartons.

    This is the general solder bar manufacturing process in our factory. If you need to know more, contact us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 , main website: www.xfsolder.com

    solder bar manufacturing process

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