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    China 50 50 bar solder for sale

    China 50 50 bar solder for sale

    Where to find China 50 50 bar solder for sale?

    Situiation 1: if you're just looking for small quantity, let say just a few bars at 1kilo or a few kilos, we suggest that you can try to buy from on-line shop, such as Ebay, that the sellers can sell a small quantity and in most caes, provide you free shipping for this small amount of China 50 50 bar solder.

    Situation 2: If you're looking to buy at larger quantity, let say a few hundred kilos of this 50 50 bar solder for sale from China, then you can consider to buy from a manufacturer like us XF Solder. We keep some stock of the ready-made bar solders for quick delivery of small orders. In case you need bigger quantity, we can also produce the bar solder for you very quickly, within 3 to 4 days we can finish production of upto a few tons.

    How to buy the China 50 50 bar solder for sale?

    After you find the proper potential manufacturer or supplier in China, the most common way is to contact them by Email, or if needed, call directly to them and then followed you can use Whatsapp / Wechat to contact them for a more prompt communication.

    And importation of the 50 50 bar solder takes some procedure, so better that you find a custom broker or shipping agent from your country to help you with import procedure. And you can ask your bar solder supplier that have 50 50 bar solder for sale to quote you FOB or CIF basis, then they will help you to finish the export declaration in China, easy for you. 

    Payment term is: generally 30% deposit to be paid as production confirmation and balance to be paid before shipment, with proof of production. For example photos of finished products of your order.

    How to pay: Nowadays there're many ways to make international payments. If for small value let say below 5000 USD, you can use Western Union to pay. For bigger amount you can ask your supplier to provide their banking information and make payment by T/T (telex transfer through bank).

    This is not complicated. If you don't know how to select the right Chinese supplier of 50 50 bar solder for sale, refer to this.

    Contact our sales team directly to buy the 50 50 bar solder for sale from us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, Main website www.xfsolder.com

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