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    Lead free solder bar composition

    Lead free solder bar composition

    How many different types of lead free solder bar composition and what are their applications?

    The lead free solder bar is majorly composed of tin, silver and copper at different composition, free of lead comparing to the conventional tin lead solder bar alloy. In comparasion, lead free solder bars have higher melting point which means more heat is require to work on lead free solder bar comparing to the tin/lead alloy, but it's more environmentally friendly.

    SAC305 lead free solder bar, composition is Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5, namely it's composed of 96.5% tin and 3.0% silver and remaining 0.5% of copper. This type of lead free solder bar has eutectic melting point at 227℃, due to the composition of 3.0% high silver content inside, the electricity conductivity, shearing strength, elongation property is excellent, very ideal to be used for soldering of electrical or electronic devices which has high quality demand. It can also be used to solder jewlry such as silver etc.

    SAC0307 lead free solder bar, composition is Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7, namely composed of 0.3% tin and 0.7% copper, remaining is 99% tin. This composition is much more economic composition comparing to SAC305, but due to it still carries the silver inside, the overral properties of this solder bars are very good, though not fully comparable to SAC305 lead free solder bar. It has short solidus time, easy to work with. Suitable to be used for soldering of medium quality requirement of electronic devices.

    SACX07 lead free solder bar, composition is Sn99.3Cu0.7, namely composed of 0.7% of copper and 99.3% tin. It's the most economic option among the 3 types of lead free solder bar. Suitable for most geneneral applications of soldering that requires lead free material. It's also used for soldering of plumbing, copper pipes, copper roofing etc.

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