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Name:Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn60/Pb40
Product Name:tin lead solder bar Sn60/Pb40
Alloy:Tin Lead

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Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Bar Sn60/Pb40


XF Solder Tin Lead Solde Bar Sn60/Pb40 is the largest single group and the most widely used among all the tin soldering alloys . It's compatible to use tin lead solder bar sn60/pb40 with all different types of base metal cleaners, fluxes, and heating methods. The composition of 60/40 Tin Lead solder, almost the eutectic is particularly adaptable to delicate work or when soldering temperature may be critical. This particular item comes in 1x1.5x31.5cm dimension and can also be offered in other sizes as well. This is also a quick setting solder for fine electrical and tinsmith work.

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