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Name:solder manufacturers in China
Name:Solder manufacturers in China
Place of origin:China

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Solder manufacturers in China


Where to find solder manufacturers in China?

1. In South China there're a lot of electronic plants that consume a lot of solder, and the solder manufacturers being as raw material suppliers are located more in South China area for the convenient supply to the electronic plants. Also because in South China the transportation is convenient, there're Shenzhen Port, Guangzhou Port, Hongkong Port nearby, logistic is fast and cheaper. You can easily find solder manufacturers in cities like Foshan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan. Like us XiFeng Tin Products Co.,Ltd is located in Foshan, which is just one hour and a half from Guangzhou airport.

2. Also nowadays it's easy to find  solder manufacturers through Internet. For example you can just google to find potential suppliers, also go directly to the E-marketplace such as www.Made-In-China.com to find the solder manufacturers in China.


How is the the solder manufacturers in China produce the solder wires?

1. Melting and mixing of different metals as required. For example, if you need solder wire 63/37 then you will need to add 63% tin and 37% lead; if you need lead free solder wire SACX07, you will need to add 99.3% tin and 0.7% lead. And after this melting and mixing we will get a round bar which is a semi finished solder.

2. Use drawing machine to draw the semi-finished round solder bar into a hollow solder wire at about 10mm wire diameter.

3. Prepare the rosin and flux and well mix them together.

4. Drawing the hollow 10mm wire diameter solder wire into smaller solder wire until to the required diameter, and during this process, inject the rosin flux evenly into the hollow wire core and then we get the finished flux cored solder wire.

5. Wind the flux cored solder wire into required weight, such as 500g/roll. 

6. Labeling, put the circular sticker onto the solder reel.


This is how we being as solder manufacturer produce the required flux cored solder wire. Contact us if you're looking to purchase in bulk the solder wires or solder bars directly from China, from a solder manufacturer. Our Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com . Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, main website: www.xfsolder.com



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