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Name:Similar China kester solder bar sn63pb37
Name:Similar to kester solder bar Sn63Pb37
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

Similar kester solder bar sn63pb37

In XF Solder factor we produce solder bar similar to kester solder bar Sn63Pb37 that is made out of high purity of tin ingots and lead ingots. It's casted into a bar form or called stick form, and majorly used for dip solder or wave soldering of electronic productions, or used for soldering of metals etc. The similar kester solder bar Sn63Pb37 is with 63% of tin and 37% of lead, the best quality of tin lead alloy solder bar out of the leaded solder family group.

What are the features of China kester solder bar Sn63Pb37?

  1. The similar to kester solder bar Sn63Pb37 produced by us, is a eutectic alloy with melting point at 183℃ (liquidus temperature and solidus temperature are same), which is the lowest melting point among the tin lead solder alloy. 

  2. Super wetting property and strong bond strength of the solder joint. It provides superb fluidity.

  3. The solder joint is bright and nice looking.

Why do we choose XF Solder which is similar to kester solder bar Sn63Pb37?

  1. Our solder bar Sn63Pb37 has equivalent quality to kester solder bar Sn63Pb37. We use high purity tin to produce our solder bar, and carry out strict quality control during in-coming raw material inspection, post production and after production.

  2. We have a better price, as we have a bit lower labor cost in China, also we idea is to maintain less margin to support client to grow the business together.

If you're looking to find a supplier of substitute to kester solder bar Sn63Pb37 please contact us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, main website www.xfsolder.com


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