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Name:China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37
Name:China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37


Alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37 is produced by Alpha company, and we XF Solder produce the same type of solder bar 43/37 in China. Our solder bar similar to alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37 a bar solder made of 63% of tin and 37% of lead, it's also known as Sn63Pb37. The China solder bar 63/37 has long existence in the market, and before the ROHS regulation was published, the alloy Sn63Pb37 is one of the most widely used solder. 

Our China solder bar 63/37 is made with high purity of tin and lead metals, has super electrical conductivity and bright solder joint.

And our solder bar 63/37 similar to alpha caculoy solder bar 63/37 is suitable for dip soldering or wave soldering for electronic components, or used for joining of two metal sheets such as flashing, gutter, roofing etc. 


Characteristics of China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37

1. The alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37has the eutectic melting point which means the liquidus & solidus temperature are same. 

2. This is the lowest melting point of all tin lead solders, it's to be used for where temperature limit is crucial.

3. Good wetting and fluidity, good bonding of soldering point.

4. Very low dross.

5. Compatible to major brands of flux.

6. Use in high tech electronic applications where lower surface tension and hole filling ability is essential


Applications of China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37

The China solder bar 63/37 solder bar (Sn63Pb37) is designed to used for electronic soldering either by dip soldering or wave soldering, or joining of metal sheets.

Packing of China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37

1. The Sn63Pb37 alpha vaculoy solder is available in bar form.

2. Each solder bar is around 0.5kgs 

3. Every 25kgs are packed in a carton

4. Special shape of bar or customized packing could be possible to be managed with additional cost.

5. All cartons are placed onto plastic pallets and wrapped with PVC Film as seaworthy packing, easy for folk-lift operation.

Datasheet of China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37



Storage and Handling of China alpha vaculoy solder bar 63/37

1. Store the solder bars in dry & non-corrosive place.

2. The China alpha vaculoy solder bar has an indefinite shelf life when stored in a dry, non-corrosive environment. The surface may lose its shine and appear a dull shade of gray. This is a surface phenomenon and is not detrimental to product functionality.

3. Make sure you select a proper flux to go with the solder bar because all bars are without flux.

4. Read MSDS & TDS of solder bar 63/37 (Sn63Pb37) before soldering


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