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Name:solder tin bar in China
Name:Solder tin bar in China
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

Solder tin bar in China

What is solder tin bar?

Solder tin bar is a catergory of tin based solder bar, a generic name of the solder bar. It's generally used for dip soldering or wave soldering technology for soldering electronic or electric products, especially for THT components.

How many different types of solder tin bar in China are available?

This is a big product group, but basically in China we can divide the solder tin bar in two 2 types, one is leaded solder tin bar, the other one is lead free solder tin bar. The leaded solder tin bar means it's a solder bar with tin based but alloy with lead, it's the most traditional type of tin bar; while the lead free solder tin bar means that it doesn't contains lead (pb < 1000mg/kg), the lead is replaced by silver and copper, this lead free solder can be used for applications that require the components to comply with ROHS regulation. 

So there are alloys such as Sn63Pb37, Sn60Pb40, Sn50Pb50, Sn40Pb60, SAC305, SAC0307, SACX07 etc, click on the product name to know about different types.

What is the price of solder tin bar in China?

The price of solder tin bar is majorly affected by exchange rate, tin ingots price, alloy of the solder bar. Like recently the exchange rate of RMB against USD is much better than early of 2018, thus the USD price for per kg will be lower than first quarter of 2018. And leaded solder tin bar will be much expensive than the leaded ones, because the lead free ones contain precious metal of silver. A reference EXW price of solder tin bar in China now: leaded solder bar ranging from 7 USD to 18 USD/kg, while for lead free solder bar ranging from 22 USD to 44 USD.

exchange rate RMB against USD 2018

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