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Name:Tin lead solder bars
Name:Tin Lead Solder Bars
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Solder Bars
Applications:Dip soldering, wave soldering

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Product Description

Tin lead solder bars

What are tin lead solder bars?

Tin lead solder bars are a type of solder that is tin based and alloy with lead, one of the most conventional solder alloy in the solder business. Solder bar is a commonly seen solder besides the solder wire. 

What are the tin lead solder bars used for?

There're two typical uses of the tin lead solder bars, one is for the construction sector and the other one for the electronic sector.

Tin lead solder bars for construction sectors. This type of application is not that much seen in Asian countries, but in Europe, North america where metal roofings, flshings and gutters made of copper, zinc or steel are used, the tin lead solder bars can be used for soldering these metal sheets. Such as installation of copper roofing by a seaming system, there's a joint on the seam, and by using tin lead solder bar to join and fill in the gap, you will make the roofing water-tight; same thing and same reason to use it to seal up the flashing. Regarding how to use the tin lead solder bars for this application, we can see from YUTUBE for some information. Click here: using tin lead solder bar to solder copper sheets. For this applications, marjorly three alloys would be used, tin lead solder bar 60/40, solder bar 50/50, solder bar 40/60.

Tin lead solder bars for electronic soldering. The solder bars will be molten in the solder bath and provide a bunch of liquidus solder, and a dip soldering or wave soldering are used for this type of application. A whole printed circuit board or THT (through hole techonogy) can be soldered at one single time through wave soldering, very efficient way comparing to the manual soldering, and making the bulk production possible. Check this two links to have the ideas how it work out: How to use tin lead solder bar for dip soldering; how to use tin lead solder bar for wave soldering. And generally for high precision soldering the tin lead solder bar 63/37 is recommended because it's eutectic alloy, optional like solder bar 60/40, solder bar 40/60 are used too, in some very low end applications, a low tin solder bar 10/90 is used too.

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