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Name:40/60 solder for electronics
Name:40/60 solder for electronics
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

40/60 solder for electronics

What is 40/60 solder for electronics?

The 40/60 solder for electronics is a type of solder that is consisted of tin and lead, with 40% lead and 60% of tin respectively. This grade of solder is suitable for most general soldering such as manufacturing of electronics of medium end quality, or for repairing work, DIY project, small project etc. 40/60 solder has reasonable electrical conductivity property, good fluidity and comparatively budget cost.

What forms are the 40/60 solder for electronics are available in?

The 40/60 solder can be made into solder wire or solder bar for different ways of applications. 

  1. 40/60 solder wire for electronics: The solder is made into a wire and in a roll form, it's used for soldering through manual soldering or robot soldering. It's flexible to work with 40/60 solder for electronics soldering, and you can choose which area to solder flexibly but it's comparatively a bit of slow work.

  2. 40/60 solder bar for electronics: the solder is made into a bar form, generally it's used through wave soldering or dip soldering process. The solder bars will be molten in the solder pot and the PCB will be soldered in one single time, it's so much faster and effecient comparing to the spot soldering by using solder wire. So for mass production, 40/60 solder bar is a nice option.

Actually the 40/60 solder is not just used for electronics, it's also used for soldering of copper roofing, flashing, and assembly of stained glass for soldering the lead frame of stained glass. 

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