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Name:China solder bar 40 60
Name:China solder bar 40 60
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

China solder bar 40 60

What is China solder bar 40 60?

In China we produce so many different options of solder bar alloys at different compositions to cater different applications. The China solder bar 40 60 means it's a tin lead alloy, not lead free, and the first number 40 represents that it contains 40% of tin (namely Sn40) and the second number 60 means it contains 60% of lead (namely Sn60). So this in brief is stated as Solder bar Sn40Pb60 too. So this solder bar is just to be used for applications whereas there's no mandatory requirement of ROHS compliance.

What is China solder bar 40 60 used for?

Actually there could be so many applications for the solder bar 40 60 but majorly it's used for electronic soldering in the way of dip soldering or wave soldering. Also the solder bar can be made into a stick form which is much smaller in diameter and used for joining of metals, for example, soldering of copper pipes etc. The Solder bar 40 60 made in China is with economic cost because the tin content is mid-range, neither too much nor to less. 

Basic information of China solder bar 40 60:

Form: bar

Packing: 25kg per carton

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