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Name:Solder 40-60 melting point
Name:Solder 40-60 melting point
Alloy:Tin Lead
Melting point:183 to 238℃

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Product Description

Solder 40-60 melting point

What is solder 40-60?

The solder 40-60 is an economic option among the solder family. The solder 40-60 means this is a tin lead alloy, and 40% is tin and 60% is lead. It's quite a moderate composition, that contains mid-range of tin, comparing to high tin alloy such as solder 63/37, solder 60/40, the solder 40-60 is about 1/3 cheaper.

How many forms of solder 40-60?

The solder 40-60 is available at wire solder and bar solder. The wire solder 40-60 is used for general soldering purpose of electronic components, reparing work of electronic appliances, also installation of plumbing pipes such as joining of copper pipes fittings. While the bar solder 40-60 is used for wave solder or dip soldering of PCB or THTs, and for insllation and reparing of metal roofing (seaming system), gutters, drainage pipes etc.

What is the solder 40-60 melting point?

The solder 40-60 has a mid range melting point, neither too high nor too low. The higher the tin content of the solder is, the lower the melting point is. The melting point of eutectic solder 63/37 is at 183℃, while for solder 40-60 melting point is higher, at 183 to 238℃, thus the working temperautre of this older 40-60 must be higher too.

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