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Name:solder wholesale
Name:Solder Wholesale
Nature:Solder Manufacturer
Alloy:Lead free solder or Tin/Lead solder

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Product Description

Solder wholesale

If you're a dealer or a factory that needs to buy solder whole price, then you can consider us.We XI FENG TIN SOLDER PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is a manufacturer and exporter of different types of solders since year 2013. 

What do we have for solder wholesale?

We have marjorly two solder products for wholesale:

  1. Solder wires for wholesale. There are lead free solder wires and tin/lead solder wires. Lead free solder wires include SAC305 lead free solder, SAC0307 lead free solder, SAC07 lead free solder; While tin/lead solder wires include 63/37 solder wire, 60/40 solder wire, 50/50 solder wire, 40/60 solder wire. Make sure that choose the right types.  

  2. Solder bar for wholesale. There are also lead free solder bar and tin/lead solder bar like the solder wires. But the difference is this product is in a bar form, and generally used for wave soldering of electronics, or soldering of metals such as roofing, flashing, gutter, drainage pipes etc.

In XF Solder we keep regular stock of the raw materials of tin ingots, lead ingots, silver ingots, copper ingots, this makes us able to serve client with much faster delivery time. And we are currently expanding our markets in different countries, we welcome dealers or wholesalers from worldwide to contact us or represent us in the region, we surely will give you the solder wholesale price. 

Please contact our sales team to buy solder at wholesale price, Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, main website: www.xfsolder.com


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