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Name:XF 50/50 Meter Bar Solder
Name:XF 50/50 meter bar solder
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar solder

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Product Description

XF 50/50 Meter Bar Solder

We have more than 6 years experience producing the bar solder such as the 50/50 meterl bar solder. This bar solder is casted with 50% tin and 50% lead, a very typical tin/lead solder alloy among the bar solder family. We use high purity tin and lead for the production of the 50/50 meter bar solder.

What are the applications of the 50/50 meter bar solder?

  1. In Western countries such as European countries, North Ameica, there are a lot of roofing, gutters and flashing made of metals such as copper, aluminium or stainless steel. For example, when installing roofing with seaming system (flat-lock seam or standing seaming system) there's a joint that we can use the 50/50 meter bar solder to fill up the gap and joint them firmly to make the roofing water-proof. Also repairing and installation of flashing and guttering by using the 50/50 meter bar solder is convenient too, the bar solder can gives enough amount of solder to seal up the gap.

  2. In Asian countries, people use the 50/50 meter bar solder more for the electronic soldering. In Asian there're a lot of manufacturing factories of electronics, such in China, Malaysia, India etc, and soldering of THTs people will use the 50/50 meter bar solder through dip soldering or wave soldering, this greatly improve the production capacity comparing to manual soldering.

What are the benefits of 50/50 meter bar solder?

  1. 50/50 meter bar solder has good shearing strength and bonding strength, not easy to oxidized which makes it ideal to use for soldering the metal roofing, gutters.

  2. It's an economic bar solder, it's about 15% cheaper comparing to 63/37 bar solder. And comparing to lead free solder it's just half of the price.

  3. Good electrical conductivity at reasonable price making it ideal for soldering medium quality electronic devices.

If you want to buy 50/50 meter bar solder, contact our sales team at Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, main website: wwww.xfsolder.com



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