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Name:50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder China
Name:50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder from China
Form:Bar solder

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Product Description

50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder China

50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder is comprised of 50% lead and 50% tin, and casted into solder bar form. This bar solder will need to be used together with external flux during soldering, because there's no flux embedded inside.

What are the features of 50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder China?

  1. Good wetting property and fluidity property of 50/50 bar solder. This bar solder contains high tin (though a bit lower than 63/37 bar solder), which makes it easy to melt and during soldering process, the lead/tin solder can well follow evenly to wrap the area of soldering and form a firm solder joint, with excellent shearing strength.

  2. Electrical conductivity is good. 50% tin content inside this bar solder making it has good electrical conductivity, suitable for soldering medium quality electronic devices.

  3. Reasonable price. There's less tin inside 50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder comparing to 63/37 bar solder, thus the price is about 15% lower too. But as mentioned in point two, in most of the general soldering, 50/50 bar solder can be used to 63/37 bar solder for cost saving. In special case where high end soldering is required, we would recommend 63/37 bar solder.

What are the 50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder China used for?

  1. For electronic soldering and performed in the way of dip soldering or wave soldering (including for selective wave soldering). 

  2. For soldering metals, majorly for soldering of metal roofing, metal flashing, gutters etc. Besides using 50/50 (lead/tin) bar solde, the alloy 40/60 bar solder and 60/40 bar solder are often used too. Just choose whatever you think to be proper, and any of these 3 types could be able to meet your need.

If you need to buy this50/50 (lead/tin) bar solder from China, contact our sales team at Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, main w


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