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Name:50 50 tin lead solder bar
Name:50 50 Tin Lead Solder Bar
Alloy:Tin Lead
Composition:50 50
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

50 50 Tin Lead Solder Bar

What is 50 50 Tin Lead Solder Bar?

It's a solder bar that is made of tin and lead alloy, with composition of 50% tin and 50% lead. It's also known and written and Sn50Pb50 solder bar.

How is the 50 50 tin lead solder bar produced?

In the solder factory, firstly we will need to melt and mix the tin ingots and lead ingots at the portion of 50% each measuring by weight, and secondingly the melted and mixed alloy when it's still in liquid status, pour them into a casting die to get a bar form, thirdly is to cool it down then we get the finish product of the 50 50 solder bar.

Basic information of 50 50 tin lead solder bar:

1. Melting point: 183 to 215℃.

2. Working temperature: 260 to 290℃

3. Working method: dip soldering or wave soldering

4. Applications: soldering for electronics components or plating

How is 50 50 tin lead solder bar comparing to other solder alloys?

1. Working temperature: 50 50 solder bar is with mid range melting point, comparing to 63 37 solder bar is higher but comparing to 40 60 solder bar or 20 80 solder bar it's lower melting point. 

2. Electrical conductivity: 50 50 solder bar performs slightly worse than 63 37 solder bar but performs better than low tin solder bar.

3. Cost wise: 50 50 solder bar is cheaper than high tin solder bar but a bit more expensive than low tin solder bars.

So please do consider the above 3 points when you're choosing the proper solder bar.

Contact us if you need the 50 50 solder bar. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com, Whatsapp/Wechat 008613450770997, main website www.xfsolder.com


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