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Name:China wave solder bar
Name:China wave solder bar
Application:Wave soldering
Alloy:Tin Lead or lead free
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

China wave solder bar

What is China wave solder bar?

China wave solder bar means that the solder bar is used for wave soldering. The development of soldering technology keeps innovating, at the early days soldering was done manually with solder wire piece by piece, then after this the dip solder technology is invented and this is kind of semi-automatic soldering techology that use China solder bar to melted down in solder pot and then manually take the THTs or electronic components to be soldered at one time; And after dip soldering, wave soldering is invented as the soldering will be done by wave soldering machine and more automatic work to replace the manual operation which greatly promote the productivity; And now as SMD is becoming smaller and smaller which THTs cannot meet such requirement, then re-flow soldering technology is invented, by using solder paste to solder SMTs.f

What is the advantage of China wave solder bar?

Through wave soldering techology, mass production of soldering becomes feasible and easy. And as the innovation of wave soldering techology, the accurate single wave soldering machine can follow the CAD programme and easily locate which part of electrical component needs to be soldered, this saves the time of soldering and reduce wastage of China solder bar.

How many types of China wave solder bar is available?

There two types of wave solder bar, one is leaded wave solder bar and the other one is lead free wave solder bar. Each type of China wave solder bar has it's melting point and property, also for some application it requires that all components to be ROHS compliant, thus you have to choose the right type of wave solder bar. The leaded wave solder bar is cheaper than the lead free wave solder bar in China.

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