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Name:China tin solder bar
Name:China tin solder bar
Form:Bar / Stick

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Product Description

China tin solder bar

China tin solder bar is a tin based solder that is casted into bar form or stick form. 

How many types of China tin solder bar are available?

Type 1: Leaded tin solder bar made in China. This is a tin lead alloy bar solder, that is consisted of tin ranging from 5% to 63% while the remaining will be lead. Leaded tin solder bar has long history of existence in the market and had been widely used for soldering until ROHS regulation was implemented because lead is not good for health so in some area using of leaded solder is banned. Common leaded tin solder bar made in China will be Sn63Pb37 Tin solder bar, Sn60Pb40 Tin solder bar, Sn50Pb50 Tin solder bar, Sn40Pb60 Tin solder bar, Sn20Pb80 Tin solder bar.

Type 2: Lead free tin solder bar made in China. This is an alloy that contains NO lead, majorly is tin, silver, copper alloyed. And such lead free tin solder bar complies with ROHS regulation and can be used for applications where ROHS compliance is needed.

What are China tin solder bar used for?

There're so many applications that can use China tin solder bar. Here we majorly will introduce from two applications:

  1. Soldering of electronic products. The China tin bar is used to solder the electric components together and function as a electrical conductivity. The China tin solder bars are put into solder pot where they will be melted and used to solder THTs or electrical wires by dip soldering or wave soldering. This greatly improve the productivity comparing to traditional way of manual soldering using solder wire, as it makes the massive soldering possible. 

  2. Jointing of metals for construction purpose. The China tin solder bar can be used to solder the metal flashing, joints of seaming system, reparing of metal roofing and gutter etc. The China tin solder bar will be melted a bit by bit using soldering iron, and used to filled up the gap between two pieces of metal, functioning as water-tight material or as bonding agent to join two metal sheets together. Make sure that you clean the joint throughoutly before applying the bar solders, otherwise it might lead to failure of soldering.

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